Sweet Home Connecticut

guilford town green summer august 3rdarm connecticut

The morning following our arrival, we arose on the early side and accompanied Aunty to the gym, to say hi to her longtime and amazing personal trainer Sheila. While she worked out, we went to get coffee and hang out on the sunny town green.

connecticut coast cruisers 3rdarm

There was a Bernese mountain dog outside the cafe, Cilantro. I was taking a photo of the fluffy beast with the town green in the background, when an older man came out the door, and plopped into an Adirondack chair tied to the dog’s leash. “What a magnificent animal,” I said, just being friendly.

arthur mullen etta kostick guilford green 3rdarm

“That’s not my dog,” the man gruffly retorted. Later, a couple of overweight dudes on motor scooters tailed us on the Post Road.

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