Jerky Versions of the Dream

humboldt park graffiti Chicago Arthur Mullen questionable hotdog 3rdarm

Meghan’s sister Liz, a manager at the outstanding German beer and food restaurant the Radler, and her boyfriend, Ivar, one of the lead servers at Blackbird, were also at the Bad Apple. I love hanging out with them and listening to their wild stories about the restaurant business. I got to tell them my tale of brown seduction:

Adam and sons garden center plant store chicago 3rdarm

When I got to work on Saturday, I realized (too late) that my outfit was all brown. Brown collared shirt under brown sweater, over brown pants. But the brown look was working for me…

west town chicago autumn armour st 3rdarm

Towards the end of the night, two young ladies entered and exited in a hurry, having wisely decided they were too intoxicated for the Xoco experience. On their way out the door, the sloppy drunk woman looked me full up and down and slurred, “Sexy brown sweater.”

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