Rainy Season

cake balls chicago west town bakery 3rdarm bleeding heart minty

I got out of the house by taking Etta to the plant store on a rainy Monday. We went to Adam & Sons, the beautiful garden center in Humboldt Park. The man told us that in the top five easiest plants to care for, the big cactus would be number one, but it can’t be on the list because it’s a cactus. He said to water on the first and fifteenth of the month: when I get paid, the big cactus drinks.

Roly poly cat Maine coon cat cactus cat tree window Erie street 3rdarm

I would like to think that the cat has a connection to the cactus. Maybe I should start calling him Roly Poly Cact. On the way we stopped at West Town Bakery for some cake balls. Cake balls are an indulgence. My favorite are the white cake balls covered in rainbow sprinkles: I love it like a fat kid loves birthday cake balls. The dark chocolatey one pictured, on the other hand, was kind of minty.

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