The One Sad Cry Of Pity Tour

roly poly maine coon cat chicago 3rdarm arthur mullen xoco

Chef Wil told me of a dream he had about rhinoceros. I helped him look up the dream symbolism on the internet:

“One of the top three largest land mammals, the rhino’s physical presence is mammoth. Although the rhino is known to display aggressive behavior, for the most part it is a passive creature – preferring to roam its wide-open grassy spaces in contemplative solitude. Here we see the first of many paradoxes that lead us to the underlying symbolic theme of the rhinoceros: ‘things are not as they seem.'”

I have been reading, “A Short History of Nearly Everything,” by Bill Bryson. At the dawn of the time when mammals began to take over, oxygen was a much higher percentage in the atmosphere. When the dinosaurs died en masse, our mammal ancestors, cautious, nocturnal, came out from their hiding places and took to the land. They rapidly grew to mammoth size in this highly oxygenated world. Guinea pigs were the size of small cars, and rhinoceros were the size of raised ranch houses.

roly poly maine coon cat chicago 3rdarm arthur mullen xoco

My heart goes out to Tom Ashbrook, whose wife passed away this past weekend. The On Point podcast is my favorite on the internet, because it combines so many interesting sources and always put them into a larger perspective. For example, in May this year he covered the prehistoric hunting sites– dating to the last time of real climate change, when the ice sheets were disappearing- that have been discovered on the floor of Lake Huron, and then the second half of the podcast was about tipping points, and how we and our children and their children will live through the melting of the West Antarctic ice sheet.

I was listening to an older On Point podcast called Ancient Survivors, from 2012. It was biologists talking about how some species, the lungfish, the velvet worm, the horseshoe crab, have lived through multiple major extinctions in the history of earth. Meteor / comet strikes. The acidification of the seas. Whatever it was that these species did to survive, we should study and learn from, to prepare ourselves. I was totally taken off guard by how Tom closed this discussion, with a Providence College commencement speech by actress Viola Davis.

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