Never Ending Tour

topolobampo pastry cooler sugar cane 3rdarm chicago

After I checked out the dishwashers I was alone in the basement of the restaurant doing the final walk-thru. All good closing managers know to take one last look inside the pastry walk-in just in case a piece of chocolate cake caught on fire or something. I’m not afraid of anything but I shrieked when I saw these alien bones!

katy lawrence power pony 3rdarm chicago

Chef Goob saw the top picture online and said, “Ahh, sugar cane. Mother Earth had that at Tropical Dimensions, just not as nice.” Mother Earth also had one hand on a machete at all times. I saw Katy training her replacement as Chef Rick’s personal assistant: she is happily returning to just one full time job, culinary media. I had never seen such height in a power pony!

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