Bari’s Subs

 bari chicago olive salad 3rdarm sandwich best in chicago 2015

One of the all-time great sandwich spots in the city.  The meatball sub with atomic giardiniera alone secures Bari’s permanent perch in the top five best sandwiches of Chicago. 

 roly poly etta arthur maine coon haircut cat 3rdarm chicago 

This place gets wicked busy for lunch, with a line from the deli counter to the door. Or so I’ve heard: my experiences are always at off hours when I can peruse the fancy imported groceries and spend my well earned money.


In particular, I like their selection of soda and sparkling water, their many kinds of angel wings and ornate Italian cookies, and the homemade pasta and olive salads. Delivery to my apartment in the neighborhood is always hot and fresh!

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