Pérola do Mar

pastel de nata Pérola do Mar matosinhos porto portugal 3rdarm coffee cafe

When I arrived from Chicago, my friend brought me immediately to a cafe called Pérola do Mar. She is smart: I needed sweet treats and caffeine ASAP. There were too many to choose from behind the old school display counters. I deferred to my friend, who ordered for both of us. She got toasted bread with butter.

I loved my first experience with Portuguese coffee and pastel de nata. The creamy egg yolk custard in layers of flaky pastry was topped with burnt sugar: so good. The coffee was richly aromatic and small (European style) but an excellent accompaniment.

Pérola do Mar is a cozy neighborhood bakery with beautiful breads, pastries and coffee, and if I was a local I would enjoy it too much.

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