Curse of the Crystal Skull


Big Friday filling up around 6PM and receiving much of the “love from the other mother side” with guests loving what we do while they waited for their reserved tables to be ready.  Awesome to feel that buzz in the air and momentum, hopefully it’s our guests’ excitement for our fantastic beer program specifically and the spring season generally and not just because they are amped up to drink green beer tomorrow.


True Champions: We have been blessed with awesome staff. Tonight we had the golden triangle of Dave greeting, Momo on cashier and Frankie bussing. When large parties entered the line, Dave was able to call for Franky using eye contact, or more often, Franky would have already rotated over to help because he was already using his eyes to look out for his teammates on the floor. The guys were too together as a unit to separate out an individual: F, D, and D are today’s three headed True Champion. 

SG’s:  Regulars from the East Coast Grill in Boston. Guest with her nephew who had previously dined at 5 Rabanitos. Miguel (RIP), Gustavo and Maria.


Mood Scale:  Inspirational quotes from the Catalina Offshore office whiteboard… “You cannot make uncommon plans until you have uncommon ideas.” “Start right now and you’ll thank yourself later.” “The thoughts we think equal the results we get.” “Starting strong is good but finishing strong is EPIC.” “Identify your problems but give your POWER & ENERGY to your solutions.” “To overcome the inevitable frustrations we face as we continue to learn and grow, we must remain intensely focused on the OUTCOME, not the obstacles…”

Tom Skilling says… (lake enhanced) Drought-busting CHICAGO SNOWFALL AHEAD (starting Sunday night.)

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