South Side Sightseeing


Higher than typical energy for a Sunday with so many guests in town for the National Restaurant Association show not only eager to dine at our restaurant, also up and eager to photograph the culinary goings-on at said dinner.  It was great to see the guests enthusiasm for the Fire line in particular where it felt as if there was always at least 1 shutterbug guest taking photos of the action.


Shoutout:  Big shoutout to the whole squad for making a 212 cover Sunday night feel smooth and easy like Sunday morning.


True Champion: Jose O. went beyond the call of duty, down 1 runner and training a new hire, not only running all hot food but taking the time to carry bustubs of dirty dishes down to the dish team, and helping the SA’s clear tables on the floor. Jose’s huge effort made a difference for so many of us on the squad.

Tom Skilling keeps saying it’s getting warmer… Prove it Tom!

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