Chetstone is a Gothic Victorian mansion built on the highest ridge of Fairhaven Heights in the mid 19th century. After an almost 2 decades long effort to restore this historic home, it is now in fantastic condition. My family rented this beauty for a 4 day stay in New Haven on Air BnB. The Chetstone is also currently listed on the CT Film Commission, and is used for photography and videography, as well as a workshop and performance space.

As a bed and breakfast, it would be hard to imagine a more amazing home to stay in. The Chetstone has 4 stories: the kitchen and living rooms on the first floor are warm (ambient heat in the kitchen and bathroom floors is awesome) and cozy. Three of the four bedrooms on the second floor come with working sinks! I felt like I was sleeping in a restored, totally livable adjunct to the Mark Twain house (didn’t hurt that I had just recently watched Ken Burns’ fantastic documentary on Twain.)

The magic comes in from all angles with ancient glass refracting the sunlight in beautiful directions. The third floor is unfinished with whimsical rabbit art dating to 1919 exposed on the walls.  The fourth floor is a beautiful lookout over Fairhaven Heights. This neighborhood used to be called “Dragon” because the harbor seals that hung out at the mouth of the Quinnipiac River resembled dragons: on a clear day, you can almost still seem them from the fourth floor.

Thank you to all involved in the restoration of this Connecticut architectural gem!

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