Forward to the growing light

Donald Trump could have taken all the money he inherited from his father and simply invested it in stocks and bonds — this “hands off” approach would have resulted in a greater financial return than his decades of wheeling and dealing.

Instead, at every turn, through 4 corporate bankruptcies, Trump leveraged his inheritance to inflict more and more damage on the United States financial system — deliberate economic sabotage.

Trump preyed on addicts with casinos, laundered money for oligarchs with real estate, passed the buck for his business failures onto shareholders, contractors, and the public.

Trump has used the White House to dismantle whole departments of government, trample on our democratic institutions, shred international agreements, and to stoke division by any and all means.

When will we collectively wake up to the reality that Trump hates the United States? — The “art of the deal” has been to fool the American public otherwise as Trump has wrecked the country.

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