Looking back from the Solstice

A quick note to friends and family about how I have vanished (and been banished) from social media:

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Facebook, evidently relying only on AI-enforcement of their Community Guidelines with no possibility of human review, has permanently disabled my account. This issue has effected many other users but has gotten no response from the company. My FB and Instagram accounts were connected, so that’s gone now too. So far, Facebook has only apologized for any inconvenience caused by their total lack of transparency and accountability, but has not offered any “customer service” / possibility of resolution. Facebook is getting broken up by the government soon, anyway.

I do miss being in touch with my friends and family, of course — especially today, the solstice, the darkest day of the year, in the midst of the worst global pandemic in a hundred years, not to be dramatic. Thank you for visiting my blog, and please do not be shy about leaving a comment: I am feeling a little bit isolated and would appreciate hearing from you! Please keep staying safe, have a warm holiday, and know that I am well and doing the same, in a family-size bunker with Raven, Roly, my aunt Judy and Roxie (small cocker spaniel.)

The following scenes are proudly presented just as they were captured on my phone’s camera, uncorrupted by surveillance capitalism of any kind.

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