Rearview Marshmallow Test

January 6th pulled back the curtain on the deception: before our eyes, President Trump broke his oath to defend the U. S. Constitution, deliberately attacked the Congress and intentionally wrecked democracy’s international prestige.

In the rearview, Mr. Trump was always a foreign-financed, foreign-controlled (he will probably insist he was merely “foreign advised”) enemy of America, who purposefully divided the country in the worst interests of Americans.

Regretfully, had Mr. Trump only been capable of passing the “Stanford marshmallow experiment,” led an effective response to the pandemic, and been reelected, he would have enjoyed a second term, consequence-free, in which to finally doom our democratic experiment.

Instead, through the destructive power of the pandemic, Mr. Trump’s — a guy who proclaims to have never had a drink, never smoked, never took drugs — long-hidden vice has been revealed: this guy is addicted to hurting his fellow Americans.

In 2020, because the temptation to abuse Americans with the pandemic was too great, there were too many deaths, he lost reelection, and failed to violently overthrow the U. S. government, Mr. Trump denied himself any further opportunity to abuse Americans.

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