Rearview Marshmallow Test

January 6th pulled back the curtain on the deception: before our eyes, President Trump broke his oath to defend the U. S. Constitution, deliberately attacked the Congress and intentionally wrecked democracy's international prestige. In the rearview, Mr. Trump was always a foreign-financed, foreign-controlled (he will probably insist he was merely "foreign advised") enemy of America,… Continue reading Rearview Marshmallow Test

Posiwid — The purpose of a system is what it does.

My way of coping with anxiety during this year of a presidential election happening in the midst of a global pandemic was to make a 4 hour long video series. Roy M. Cohn and Donald J. Trump have both left behind long records of evidence fitting a pattern of paid influence work. I hypothesize that… Continue reading Posiwid — The purpose of a system is what it does.

Rest in Peace Herman Cain

"I don't agree with Herman Cain's politics at all, but what I agree with even less is how Herman Cain has been completely discarded by Trump and the Republicans since his death from Covid-19. Herman Cain's life mattered and deserves to be remembered. Here is my tribute to Herman Cain."