Off Premises Event — December 11, 2021

“Good afternoon everyone!

Here is the information needed for tomorrow off premises event. For those starting at 1.30pm (be there to meet each other at 1.20pm) please all park at the school and pick one among you to shuttle everyone to C.’s house where the one driving will be able to park in the street in front of his house (and move the car back to the school later on).

For those with a 3.30pm call time, all park at the school, a shuttle will be running (starting at 2.30pm) from the school to C.’s house with a 10min turn time. So please be at the school for 3.15pm.

I am going to require everyone to wear a mask through the event, it is too risky for the team and the restaurant being so close to the holidays (we’ll have some black masks for you to wear). Please come wearing the regular ULC uniform (post less).

Other matter, we will be open on Tuesday evening and Wednesday day for private events next week. If you are not mentioning anything to me before tomorrow night, I will assume that you will be available to work. Also, consequently to the Wednesday event, we will be closing for Wednesday dinner. The rest of the week will follow our regular hours of operation.

Please, reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you all,

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