From Long Hill to Corn Hill — October 26, 2022

"By morning the explorers decided the land was too hilly and the harbor too shallow for a settlement, and they went looking for the place where they had cached the rest of the corn. This was on a hill near the shore overlooking Cold Harbour. They named it 'Corn Hill,' still its name. They had to dig with cutlasses and short swords a foot in the frozen ground; and they thanked God that they had made the first exploratory trip, for the ground was now hidden by snow and hard-frozen."

Kate’s B-day Videos, All Created by Apple Photos Memories’ Artificial Intelligence — June 28, 2022

This year for Kate's birthday, I filed my taxes (late), sent some of my favorite orange detailing towels to Kate and Peter, and I am sharing a bunch of videos made by Apple Photos Memories artificial intelligence.

“Smuggler’s House,” “Speak Softly Shop,” “Speakeasy” — May 7, 2022

ULC Logbook, Saturday, May 7th, 2022: We started with 97 covers. A party of 4, and a party of 2, were same-day cancellations (R. is aware). We were joined by walk-in guests at 7:20PM, and a party of 4 for desserts-only at 8:30PM. We finished with 97 guests. For BA’s, we were joined by: Michael… Continue reading “Smuggler’s House,” “Speak Softly Shop,” “Speakeasy” — May 7, 2022