“Adaptation is Key” — November 19, 2021

ULC Logbook, Friday, November 19th, 2021: We started with approx. 170. We made up for the reservations who arrived with less than the reserved for number of guests, and just a couple cancellations (mostly parties of 2), with walk-in’s at the beginning and end of the night, and a good number of guests who dined… Continue reading “Adaptation is Key” — November 19, 2021

June 28, 2020 ⁠— A Benediction for Los Angeles, California, and Chicago, Illinois

"'Please, please me' rings out from the Beatle Bar across the road, better known as the 'liason' point for local girls, their mothers and, in some instances, their grandmothers. Prostitution is legal in Costa Rica, and with the average job paying $100 per month, a night out with a tourist can make a big difference. The Monkey bar is filled with Australian surfer dudes transfixed by 'wave' movies playing over the gyrating dance floor. Dirty dancing takes on a totally new meaning here."

June 28, 2020 ⁠— Stone Age Rock Gym, Manchester, Connecticut

"1994 ⁠— Robyn Hull, age 12, grade 7, Timothy Edwards Middle School. Claim to fame: 'I collect bottle caps.' Favorite things and why: 'My blanket, because it has a cute bear on it.' Worst gross-out: 'The sight of blood.' Best friend and why: 'Kate Mullen, because she's pretty.'"