Glunz Show

max wolod arthur mullen xoco manager rick bayless chicago 3rdarm glunz frontera grill parsons

As the beer buyer for the empire, I attended my second annual Glunz beer show. The first person I saw inside the door was Max, who managed Xoco before me. He is my beer guru.

sonia 5 rabbit arthur mullen pelotas can wheat beer 3rdarm

After talking to Tom at Saugatuck Brewing about bringing in their fresh serrano amber ale on draft at Frontera, I beelined to the 5 Rabbit booth. Sonia showed me the prototype can for their agua fresca wheat beers, called paletas.

champi five rabbit chicago 3rdarm glunz show

I told Sonia about my fifth grade gifted program project on the Aztecs, and my current reading of the myth of Quetzalcoatl. The god of the midday sun, he brought humankind the knowledge of the gods. In the early American mythology, agriculture and culture culture are tied together, as a higher level of thinking attributed to the gods. Quetzalcoatl brought the people corn, art, chocolate and more.

frontera grill team glunz show arthur mullen kyle fontaine jay schroeder meagan oconnor 3rdarm chicago rick bayless

Team Frontera represented well at this year’s show!

1 thought on “Glunz Show”

  1. Snorktastic mythology excavation. I wish you the best drinks and chocolate on the Frontera and everywhere else. Plus sweet dreams.

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