AJ xoco end of week sausage wisconsin brat 3rdarm

Saturday evening, a group of extremely drunk and obnoxiously loud young ladies entered Xoco. The host Saul explained the system and offered them the first available seats. At the counter, I apologized for the awkward situation and said we would only serve them food, not more drinks. I let them know to blame me, it was my decision. Already steaming over being cut off, they boiled over when they got to the counter. The borrachas attacked me in the middle of the dining room, red-faced in anger and yelling. My friend Stephen, a music producer who uses a motorized scooter, defended me. He said they were ruining guests’ dinner. They attacked him. We refunded the ladies money and they left, furious. The part of the group that had arrived separately, and had not spent the day drunk, we moved to a table. We did our best to give them a great dining experience.

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