xoconostle marshmallow modmex rick bayless 3rdarm frontera grill

The second annual weekend-long ModMex event finished with a special Sunday night dinner at Frontera Grill and Topolobampo. I was the closing manager: because it was not my restaurant, and the redundancy of other managers, I pictured myself hanging back until the end of the night, when I would take over and close the restaurants. Instead, I was put in charge of reformatting and correcting the menu, correlating the microphone and music for the chefs speeches, and expediting five courses from the kitchen. It was a lot of fun, something different, and I got paid.

roly poly cat 3rdarm chicago cat tree birch arthur mullen

My favorite part was the xoconostle (prickly pear) marshmallows: so tartly acidic and insanely sweet at the same time. Thank you to chefs who gave them to me, and gave them to, and gave me the rest. I also really appreciated my friend the media director’s immense writing talent. DT’s live blogging made me feel like I was in audience for the chef’s presentations at Kendall College on Saturday morning, when I was in fact still in bed. ModMex is all about where the state of Mexican cuisine is today, and the prisms of its future and past. Here is a link to David’s witty recap from this year’s event.

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