Milk Spot

Pepito tortas xoco Chicago River north 3rdarm catering

The third and final bad omen was a white whale, and I was Captain Ahab. There was a big fish on the line. We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

Xoco catering trays of tortas lunch 3rdarm milanesa torta pepito

I set up the biggest to-go order in the history of the restaurant. The chefs totally had my back and said lets do it. After a sitdown tasting with the clients to finalize the menu, we agreed to serve 200 tortas for an investment office lunch. I wrote about it in my end of shift email, and talked to my bosses. They were nonplussed: the next day, in my weekly meeting, I was scolded for over-stepping my bounds.

Xoco 3rdarm chef Andres Padilla Topolobampo office catering

It was made clear that these order must be approved by my bossed, who were initially reluctant, cautious about maintaining the top quality of our tortas. I found my crumber on the floor under the Micros computer. Later that week Chef Andres, Carlos and I delivered and served on the 36th floor of an office building in the Loop. The 200 clients said it was one of the best of all time, hall of fame Friday lunches. With over $7K in total togo sales, we set the all-time high score for Xoco togo sales in a day.

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