Days of Gluttony

Alonso alfonso sotelo 3rdarm xoco Chicago chef west town tavern xoco Illinois street river north

Three things happened that were bad omens man:

Katy Lawrence frontera grill rick Bayless Chicago 3rdarm

First I lost my lucky crumber, from the days of crumbling white tablecloths as a server at Topolobampo. It was a big deal for me, my first experience in fine dining service. That crumber was my Dumbo’s feather, and when I lost it after years of luck protection, I was lost in the den of the lion with no sword.

Xoco Chicago chef Alonso alfonso sotelo day of gluttony filming new tv show

The second thing was I approved a TV show to film in the restaurant, thinking I had my boss’ approval when it turned our she had turned them down. Jen Fite was in Colorado with Chef when she learned from Facebook we had gone ahead with the filming. In a comment on the photo, she asked, “Is there a dislike button?”

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