Fifth Table

3rdarm xoco chicago arthur mullen carlos alferez topolo manager

Tom Skilling Blog Headline: Storm potential Sunday, temps cool down Tuesday.

Door: Big Saturday to end the week! Nayeli and Saul both took charge of the Saturday line, with lots of out of towners and families. MVP today goes to Carlos, for leading the AM team, and getting Tonio to create the fifth Xoco patio table in time for this weekend. More innovations to come!

3rdarm xoco chicago arthur mullen carlos alferez topolo manager

Floor Seller: Today Miguel Cotorra worked as the floor seller, our second Saturday trying this out. Last week I had him come in at noon, today he started later because we noticed that beer and margarita sales don’t really take off until the afternoon. Miguel was awesome, a professional presence on the patio and extra pair of hands that made me feel like we gave a great Xoco experience to all, even given the fifth patio table. Miguel had $900 in sales and helped Xoco reach 16K in sales, a big help with our goal being as many 16K Saturdays as possible from here to October.

Guests: 2 Chicago police officers, who were jazzed to get a photo with Chef Rick. Jenny and Eric. Instagram regulars @ahshehadeh and @mah.moud. Diana, another Instagram regular, and her father wearing white. For me, a disturbing number of guests wearing all white or patial white outfits. We’re talking tortas ahogadas and hot chocolate here.

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