Chaya Quest

3rdarm xoco arthur mullen les roches student rooftop tomato garden xoco chicago

Tom Skilling Forecast: There was a heat advisory Saturday with the heat index approaching 110F.

Prediction results: This was not “the big one.” I had talked all week about the probability that one of these weekends in July may be the peak sales for the year. For Xoco to max out, we need to hit 800 covers. It wasn’t in the cards. With the heatwave and the heavy downpour around 4PM we missed the 125 covers we need to post truly high sales.

3rdarm xoco arthur mullen les roches student rooftop tomato garden xoco chicago

Mood Scale / The Incredible Journey: After the rain ended around 4:30PM I was drying the patio when a mother and her 2 daughters, clearly out of towners, asked for directions. They had driven in from Indiana so the older daughter could audition for the Real World, had run late, got lost, and parked the car in River North when they actually had to walk all the way into the loop. They didn’t have the address of the parking lot, or remember much in the way of details. I walked them to where they thought it was, and it was a dead end. At that point I was invested 100% into finding the car. I asked a lot of questions: “Do you remember the sound of birds? Was there an overpass? Did you travel across the river?” There was much technology expended into the investigation (my phone was at 3% by the end) including the SpotHero app. In the end, an hour later, a valet guy recognized the ticket and pointed the way.

MVP: Jim for getting me a whoopie pie.

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