arthur mullen chicago 3rdarm cumbia xoco sunrise sunset quake 2

Tom Skilling Forecast: City gearing up for a hot and humid weekend.

Service: Nayeli (AM cash) struggled with the volume of web orders, her first time being on that station since we have added so many web order types. Whitney (thank you Whit) and I talked with her about “slowing it down to speed it up” as in, it’s faster to take an extra minute to get it right the first time. Baker (and big thank you to Carlos) helped Luisa bus, as Hugo had to go home sick earlier in the morning. MVP Ramon for coming in early to help Luisa and the transition into the PM, and for being on top of everything in the dining room tonight, while checking in the washrooms regularly. Vanessa and Valeria were PM cash, and Vanessa was awesome to do all of the heavy lifting (or ask for help) so that Valeria who is expecting could focus on the less physical tasks.

arthur mullen chicago 3rdarm cumbia xoco sunrise sunset quake 2

Mood Scale (Miguel Cotorra kudos edition): Rick D, family of 8, had a level 10 Xoco experience tonight, thanks to Miguel Cotorra. A couple weeks ago, the guest’s secretary sent a email requesting a reservation. We broke the rules and took it. Rick Devos texted to let me know they were on time and Jose had table 51 ready for them at 615PM. I covered the to-go station and Miguel took care of them at the table. Miguel gave excellent recommendations for their dinner and was always present when the adults in the family wanted to order another drink. Even with 3 kids, these guests ended up with a bill of $200. Great job Miguel!

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