Vegan Jerky

3rdarm roly poly cat maine coon cat arthur mullen chicago 3rdarm xoco manager rick bayless

Tom Skilling Forecast: Blast of subzero arctic air brings frigid start to the week.

Service: In the AM, co-MVP is for Lupita and Ismael. Lupita was very helpful giving me an inventory of hot cider, café de olla, and beer. Ismael, who batches both Xoco and seasonal margaritas, was also on top of things, making the Xoco margarita for the week today, and getting all of his materials ready to batch the seasonal margaritas on Thursday. In the PM, Vanessa made almendrado while Raven and Jose put away all of our to-go supplies (we ordered early because of the week off). MVP of the PM goes to Miguel, who was taking care of the door tonight. When he hosts, the entire restaurant is his section, and anytime he sees a guest has finished their beer or margarita he offers them a replacement (all of his margarita/dessert shifts paying off!)

3rdarm roly poly cat maine coon cat arthur mullen chicago 3rdarm xoco manager rick bayless

Mood Scale (one for the road edition): We had a guest waiting for the rest of his party for the better part of 15/20 minutes. The restaurant was not yet half full, so we had him sitting at the table holding it for them. The guest received a text saying his friends were at the Xoco in Wicker Park, and came up to explain this to Miguel and me. Miguel asked if he could get the gentleman a cab, and he said he was getting an Uber, so I offered him an Aztec hot chocolate to stay warm for the ride over. The guest accepted and hopefully that gave him some good energy to bring to his dinner!

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