Pictures from the Days Off that Followed a Record Brunch — October 18 – 19, 2021

ULC Logbook, Sunday Brunch, October 17th, 2021:

The previous record for brunch was 131 covers, set on September 26, 2021.

We started with 114 covers, and through the combination of ten large parties and many walk-in parties, finished with a new record for brunch — 151 covers.

For large parties, we were joined by four parties of 5, one party of 6, three parties of 8, one party of 9, and one party of 16.

For BA’s, we were joined by Gary H. (party of 2, tbl. 63); Charalampos P. (party of 4, tbl. 60); Julia A. (party of 2, tbl. 60); and Judith R. (party of 3, tbl. 77).

Kate W. and her husband (party of 2, tbl. 6, taken care of by R.) who work for Petra Construction Projects, was the junior member of the team that completed the historic renovation of the Ballroom and 2nd floor kitchen, way back in 2004. Evidently, upon completion of the project that year, the rest of the team enjoyed a celebratory lunch with us, but for whatever reason, Ms W. was not able to attend.

Seventeen years delayed, Ms. W. finally got to join us! The W.’s enjoyed everything greatly, and were already raving about the cuisine and R.’s service, and then I was able to show them the Ballroom. I described how folks from Yale architecture could not tell what was original / what was renovation, because of Petra’s amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail. I thanked them sincerely for being part of the team that had created such a special space where so many weddings, occasions and family memories had taken place. And of course, I shared with them my history of the building!

Great teamwork today!

After last night’s rain it finally feels like autumn: today’s weather was crisp, and mostly sunny. The heaters were in effect, and some patio reservations moved inside due to the cooler temperature outside, but walk-in’s happily took those tables, and the patio was full throughout brunch.

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