Harry’s Place, Colchester, CT — August 30, 2022

“In psychology, decompensation refers to an individual’s loss of healthy defense mechanisms in response to stress… Some who have narcissistic personality disorder may decompensate into persecutory delusions to defend against a troubling reality.” -Theodore Millon, 2011

“The element of revenge has been a factor in many espionage cases… usually associated with job dissatisfaction and career or professional problems.”

The Cold War ended, but not much has changed in U. S. – Russia relations. Before we had the international Communist conspiracy; now we have the international “strongman” conspiracy.

Trump to Putin: “Slow the investigations down please. Russia is fighting on my behalf with insufficient intensity!” RIP Ivana. Dugin to Putin: “Slow the counteroffensive down please. Russia is fighting Ukraine with insufficient intensity!” RIP Daria.

Donald Trump is a Russian spy. Instead of the Communist conspiracy, we have the “strongman” conspiracy. The playbook to destroy America: defund domestic programs; blame the foreigners / people of color.

When there’s a Russian spy in the White House, taking 300 classified documents is just par for the course.

“Fellas, I ate 11,000 classified documents. Give me a break.” –


My take on the Trump presidency: The Russians are pretty good at espionage.

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