True Grit / “We don’t have too many coat checks in Florida” — October 1 – 6, 2022

ULC Logbook, Saturday, October 1st, 2022:

We started with 78 covers (the total includes the wedding party in the Sherman Room, but does not include the Ballroom party). The decision to close the patio was made by Mother Nature, who started off this October with a rainy Saturday. Two parties cancelled, for a total loss of 4 covers. We were joined by the following walk-in parties: 2 at 5:10PM (drinks only, at the bar); 7 at 5:15PM (drinks only, at the bar); 2 at 5:35PM (drinks only, in the Clubroom); 1 at 6:05PM (dinner at the bar); 2 at 6:15PM (drinks only, at the bar); 1 at 6:20PM; 2 at 6:30PM; 2 at 6:30PM (dinner in the Clubroom); 1 at 7:15PM; 2 at 8:10PM (desserts only, at the bar). We finished with 101 guests (the total includes the wedding party in the Sherman Room, but does not include the Ballroom party).

For BA’s, we were joined by: Roy F. (party of 2, tbl. 4); Genee H., restaurant caterers who enjoyed a rare Saturday night off (party of 2, tbl. 3); the K.’s (at the bar); James T.’s friend, Ryan S. (party of 2, tbl. 17); Holly C., celebrated 29th anniversary. (party of 2, tbl. 6); Jeffrey H., celebrated 28th anniversary, “We don’t have too many coat checks in Florida,” (party of 2, tbl. 4); Tara H., first official date (party of 2, tbl. 2); Kara M., celebrated 5th anniversary (party of 2, tbl. 26); Maggie C., celebrated brother Johnny’s 28th birthday (party of 7, tbl. 5).

In the Sherman Room, we were joined by 11 guests for a RALC menu, in celebration of R. and C.’s wedding.

In the Ballroom, we were joined by 76 guests from Yale’s Cowles Foundation, for the 16th Annual Conference on General Equilibrium, and in celebration of J. G.’s 65th birthday.

The groom from the wedding party, C., commented that everything tonight had been wonderful (party of 11, Sherman Room, served by S.). The wedding party left happy, and one guest commented to C. that S. was very charming. Bravo to S., Chef G., Chef J., Chef T., and the entire team!

Jeff K.’s wife (party of 2, tbl. 10, served by R. I.) commented that their dining experience tonight had been: “Spectacular; just spectacular.” Bravo to R. I., Chefs, C., A. (who came out from behind the bar to say hello,) and the entire team!

The coordinator for the Yale Cowles Foundation, who arranged and hosted the Ballroom party tonight, commented that every aspect of their event had been excellent. She sends her thanks and compliments to C., and said that she loves working with us. Bravo to the banquets team!

Maggie C. (party of 7, tbl. 5, served by A.) complimented Chef’s cuisine. A.’s hospitality, and G.’s assistance selecting wine — they greatly enjoyed both bin #126 Pouilly-Fuissé “Aux Bouthières” from Domaine Cheveau, and bin #481 Bordeaux from Château Pédesclaux (Cinquième Crus 1855) — they enjoyed the wine so much, I even tried to use the correct French accent marks (and I’m sorry if I got something wrong!)

A. was again the MVP, in my book at least, with tonight being her first solo bartender shift on a Saturday. She saw a lot of action, took excellent care of all guests, and most importantly, the K.’s, and demonstrated what I would call, “true grit.” Bravo to A.!

In a related note, G. reminded the servers to please be patient; to please keep in mind that the service bar may take a little longer with a new bartender; and that verbally micro-managing the service bar is not particularly helpful.

M. came in to work, but was sent home because she was sick. J., still in training, did a great job stepping up in the busser station.

Sunday: showers; high of 62F; 40% chance of rain. Monday: cloudy; high of 62F; 10% chance of rain. Tuesday: mostly cloudy; high of 61F; 20% chance of rain.

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