The MVFF (Most Valuable Founding Father) Brunch — October 31, 2021

ULC Logbook, Sunday Brunch, October 31st, 2021: We started with 62 covers (slightly lower than recent weeks’ starting number, perhaps due to the Halloween holiday): with several parties of walk-in’s, and a same-day reservation for a party of 6, we finished with 80 covers. We had two orders for takeout before noon: a smaller order… Continue reading The MVFF (Most Valuable Founding Father) Brunch — October 31, 2021

“In the Fishbowl” — October 23, 2021

ULC Logbook, Saturday, October 23rd, 2021: Saturday lunch: We had 48 covers; 21 guests between 11:30AM and 1PM, and a bonafide lunch rush of 27 guests between 1PM and 2PM (when I arrived at 3PM the dining room was mostly full). It was later determined that this was due to the Shubert Theater’s first weekend… Continue reading “In the Fishbowl” — October 23, 2021

Christmas Day / Raven’s aunt Denise’s birthday / My theory of the JFK assassination

Merry Xmas! Here's my hypothesis: Anti-Communists killed Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald was an Anti-Communist spy.