Christmas Day / Raven’s aunt Denise’s birthday / My theory of the JFK assassination

Merry Xmas! Here's my hypothesis: Anti-Communists killed Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald was an Anti-Communist spy.

East Side Story — Life and death in the Front Street neighborhood, and the tricks of collective memory, by Susan B. Pennybacker and Nancy Albert

"Front Street on the East Side of Hartford, Connecticut. — It was where the immigrants came: The Irish, the Jews, the Italians, the Chinese. It was where African-American migrants settled. Through a rosy, nostalgic view of Hartford's past, we remember this vital neighborhood — but, oh, what we forget."

Nick’s Nest, Holyoke, Mass.

This past summer Raven and I dined at two restaurants in Western Massachusetts that have been open for so many years that my grandparents had actually dined there back when they were dating in their youth: the Student Prince and Nick's Nest. And what I learned is that both of these badass places have been… Continue reading Nick’s Nest, Holyoke, Mass.