A Pictorial Souvenir of the Disastrous Flood of 1936 — by The Hartford Courant

"Hartford is slowly recovering from the most terrifying and spectacular experience in its history — a flood, the vivid impressions of which will live forever in the memories of those who saw and went through it. Courant photographers 'covered' their city's greatest disaster in a manner that occasioned widespread and admiring comment. Here is a permanent record of their camera adventures. Many of these historically valuable pictures were obtained at great personal risk."

East Side Story — Life and death in the Front Street neighborhood, and the tricks of collective memory, by Susan B. Pennybacker and Nancy Albert

"Front Street on the East Side of Hartford, Connecticut. — It was where the immigrants came: The Irish, the Jews, the Italians, the Chinese. It was where African-American migrants settled. Through a rosy, nostalgic view of Hartford's past, we remember this vital neighborhood — but, oh, what we forget."

Personally Conducted History Tour of New Haven

The tour begins at the corner of College Street and Chapel Street, in New Haven, Conn, where the Yale undergraduates (all male, until 1969) long spun tops in so-called displays of dominance... "The old Yale Fence stood here. 1837 - 1888." Later, Osborn Hall, 1888 - 1926. Now, Bingham Hall, the building on which this… Continue reading Personally Conducted History Tour of New Haven