Lobster in the Rough

Aunt Judy and I had not been to Abbott's in roughly (see what I did there?!) 20 years. We drove up the CT shore from Guilford for dinner one summer night. Noank is a trip, literally, and well worth the 45 minute drive for one of the world's best Connecticut-style (read: hot butterered) lobster rolls.… Continue reading Lobster in the Rough

CT Style Lobster Roll

It has become our custom: a lobster roll on the Connecticut shore. Growing up, I did not eat lobster rolls, because of two reasons. I was afraid of them (lobsters, lobster rolls, the ocean, etc). Also, Aunty will not share her precious lobster roll with anyone, period. She did share the story of my first… Continue reading CT Style Lobster Roll

Guilford Lobster Pound

Aunt Judy (who lives in Guilford) and I have been going to Lobster Landing in Clinton for many years. This past summer I made the journey to Abbott's Lobster in the Rough. On my latest visit from Chicago (helping my aunt set up her first Mac) she proposed we eat at Guilford Lobster Pound. My… Continue reading Guilford Lobster Pound