The Chowder – Dixon Line

"In 1939, Cleveland Sleeper, a lawmaker from Maine, introduced a bill that would have made it a crime to add tomatoes to clam chowder. He debated Joe DiMaggio (New York Yankee, pro-tomato) on the radio. Set aside the obvious travesty of tomato-based chowder, and then the question becomes: Creamy broth? Or clear broth? Bacon fat, or no bacon fat?"

Lenny and Joe’s Long Wharf

Lenny and Joe's Long Wharf Pleasantly surprised that this branch of Lenny and Joe's Fish Tale lived up to the best experience I have ever had at an L and J, which was this awesome dinner I had recently in their Westbook restaurant. The lower review average may be due to less New Haven guests… Continue reading Lenny and Joe’s Long Wharf