“In the beginning of Xoco year 7 it was all white to the horizon with a hibiscus pink sky and wisps of fog, and then Matthew Morin walked onto the stage…”

Excerpt from an email I wrote Matt Morin, manager of the Bistro, after he announced that Amazon Prime has asked Xoco to be one of the first 3 restaurants on board their new Chicago food delivery service starting in December. This would be huge for Xoco, as it would unlock the potential to reach many new affluent guests and build in a new platform for 2016 sales. I was excited.

I stayed up all night after work on Saturday to watch the 2 hour NOVA documentary, “Dawn of Humanity,” and the actual dawn. What an amazing discovery: what it portends to being human, and our relationship with the dead, is astounding. It was cold up on the roof, but I hunkered down by a chimney and waited until I saw the bottoms of the clouds glow pink signifying the sun had risen over the lake somewhere behind the stocky Chicago skyline.

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