Mama Futura

3rdarm roly poly cat maine coon cat arthur mullen chicago 3rdarm xoco manager rick bayless valeria pacheco

Tom Skilling Forecast: Chance of remnant flurries early, then clouds and some mixed sun.

Door: Big day for to-go! We sold to-go at a 1:1 ratio with dine-in, and that boost (especially from one big order) made for $1000 over the same day in 2015. Warm, lovely energy at the door by both Nayeli and Miguel.

Service: Ismael (who now works FG service bar every Wed and Sat lunch) and I touched base about where we are with margarita prep: we have all needed ingredients and will be batching up Pear Mezcal and Cider Marg tomorrow, with already a good par on Xoco marg for the weekend. One guest who had ordered lunch on Caviar sent us two emails about the seasoning (not a fan of the salt.) I got in touch with the guest to apologize. They did not want a credit but we insisted. I said the bottom line for us was that he was not happy with his Xoco experience. Chefs Julio and Glenn confirmed the line was seasoned to our standard. Valeria (PM to-go) gets the MVP for taking orders at the table, going out into the dining room when she had down time and checking in. Valeria’s all-day focus on our guests Xoco experience was amazing even though it’s her 8th month of pregnancy!

3rdarm roly poly cat maine coon cat arthur mullen chicago 3rdarm xoco manager rick bayless

Mood Scale: We had a $700+ order for 11:30AM pick-up. Chef Julio and the AM team crushed it! We had asked the guest to provide feedback about the food and experience if possible, and in the afternoon received this email: “Thank you so much, Arthur. People loved the food – it tasted great! And everything was there – labels, food – very complete. Please thank your team. Thanks so much, we look forward to working with you again in the future!”

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