Tom Skilling Forecast: Snowy weekend approaching, coldest in 9 months. Door: Excellent Wednesday both for breakfast / lunch and tacos al pastor. Great presence in the daytime by Nayeli on the door, and Jose did an excellent job as late PM host. Lupita continued her feedback on the breakfast changes and giving me updates, which… Continue reading Oatmeal

Yamim Nora’im

9/22 Tom Skilling Forecast: “Spectacular days” this week! 9/23 Tom Skilling Forecast: September summer sun continues. 9/24 Tom Skilling Forecast: Summery weekend ahead. 9/25 Tom Skilling Forecast: Clouds gradually increase, but mild temperatures. 9/26 Tom Skilling Forecast: Sunshine and seventies here... winter in Alaska gets a jump start!

Xoco Breakfast Future

In envisioning the Xoco future and how to increase sales, I've become focused (some may say obsessed) on the breakfast menu as the key. I propose we serve the breakfast menu until 10:30AM. This is in line with the majority of Americans' expectations of breakfast hours set by market leader McDonald's. Focusing the menu on… Continue reading Xoco Breakfast Future