“Do Not Forget the Turkey” — November 24, 2021

ULC Logbook, Wednesday, November 24th, 2021: We started with approx. 106 covers. The number had dipped to approx. 100 covers before we opened. We were joined by only a couple tables of walk-in’s, however, there were zero no-show’s / cancellations after the start of service. We finished with 108 covers. H. P.-L. (party of 4,… Continue reading “Do Not Forget the Turkey” — November 24, 2021

Second Shot Pfizer

I loved Ken Jennings, I slowly grew emotionally attached to Katie Couric, I thought Anderson Cooper was maybe a little mean to Kelley (perhaps with a longer format, the steam cleaner story could have been romantic?) — FWIW Bill Whitaker should be the permanent host if he wants to be! I love Mr. Whitaker's energy, he reminds me of Mr. Alex Trebek in the best way.