Guadalupe “The Realest Eagle”

Tom Skilling Forecast: Temps remain mild, moderate chance of snow. Service: In today’s staff meeting we went over the RW menu and how important it is to give our RW guests a great experience at Xoco. In the PM staff meeting, we went over the 7 dimensions of the Xoco experience with the team, for… Continue reading Guadalupe “The Realest Eagle”


Frankfurt is a big airport, important hub for Lufthansa, where I connected from Chicago to Portugal. Frankfurt is also something like the Philadelphia airport of Europe, well run but perhaps lacking in design for its size, leading to some WTF headscratchaz. The upshot at Frankfurt: pretzels and hotdogs! The first WTF moment was in passport… Continue reading Frankfurt

November Clouds

Tom Skilling Forecast: Historic twelve inch snowfall sets Chicagoland's all-time record for a single storm in November! Kitchen: Big news today… welcome Chef Julio De Leon to the Xoco family! We have been fortunate to have Chef Alonso leading us the past 2 years.  Chef Alonso made Xoco amazing beyond where I thought was possible… I will… Continue reading November Clouds