Parkville Market, Hartford, CT — September 12, 2022

"Las Tortas MX brings an authentic Mexican flavor to the Parkville Market. We produce a consistent delicious taste tracing back to our Mexican roots. Las Tortas MX believes in sustainable eco-friendly products and supports Hartford’s community by sourcing goods locally."

Scion of the Charter Oak — September 12, 2022

"The Charter Oak is part of Connecticut’s history and lore. The tree, which grew in Hartford, was used in 1687 to hide the Connecticut Charter, issued by the King of England, to prevent its confiscation by the newly appointed governor. Seedlings from the large oak tree were planted in many places throughout Connecticut."

Harry’s Place, Colchester, CT — August 30, 2022

"In psychology, decompensation refers to an individual's loss of healthy defense mechanisms in response to stress... Some who have narcissistic personality disorder may decompensate into persecutory delusions to defend against a troubling reality." -Theodore Millon, 2011 "The element of revenge has been a factor in many espionage cases... usually associated with job dissatisfaction and career… Continue reading Harry’s Place, Colchester, CT — August 30, 2022